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Is now kittybaloo

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1 October 1981
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The ramblings of a quirky idealistic beancounter. Nothing is what it seems.

I'm an accountant, who works at a fabulous boutique accounting firm, with fantastic people. We defy the stereotypical accountant image.

Totally a yarn-a-holic & in love with making amigurumi's. They're so adorable & cute. So I’ve been crocheting a few since I found some patterns.

Started my own smallish yarn stash. Just need to actually find some sort of container to keep it all in. So far it’s all over the place, & not so easy to find at times. Not that there’s a lot at the moment, just enough to make it difficult to determine how much I actually have when deciding on a pattern.

Recently learnt how to knit, so I’m going to attempt to accomplish some knitted patterns at some point. So far I’m just working on a scarf in stockinette stitch.

I'm on Ravelry as alurea

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I’m also a mod for the following communities:
aus_accountants ~ Australian accountants & accounting
dsreviewhub ~ Nintendo DS game reviews
shyadelaide ~ Shy people in Adelaide
unistudents_sa ~ University students of South Australia